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 In layman's terms its defined as the "organ of soft tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating center of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity." In other words, its very complex. With its complexity come a number of problems one can't begin to decipher. That's where Neurolutionize comes in. 

In a world filled with problems of all kind, Neurolutionize aims to provide aid to those unforseen and unpredicted. 


We aim to create change through three branches: Educate, Fund, as well as Take Action. The Education Branch is not only about spreading awareness, but really going into depth to nourish student's understanding about neurology. Raising money for research as well as to support our own projects is what the Funding branch is all about. To take it one step further, and really encompass Neurolutionize's vision, our Take Action branch seeks to make a difference through hands on projects focused on benefiting those diagnosed with brain diseases and disorders. 


Volunteers Packing Food


We are a student led organization run by high schoolers striving to educate others and bring about change.



Our Education Branch aims to go a step further than solely spreading awareness about brain disorders. We plan to have college professors, credited doctors, and medical graduates come in and teach various classes, seminars(held online) and even speak at our events regarding neurological diseases. We hope to inspire our volunteers with the opportunity to make a difference, as well as provide invaluable knowledge that comes with it.


Our Fundraising program seeks to support and raise money for a variety of causes including, but not limited to, medical research and funding specialized schools and programs targeted towards kids with special needs and brain disorders. This is also a great way for members to get involved by gaining volunteer hours and rewarding experiences through organizing events and fundraisers. These events will help raise awareness and funds and are open to anyone wishing to contribute to a great cause and learn something new.

Take Action

Our main goal with the take action branch is to really dive deep and tackle specific issues head on with the use of hands on projects. Some of our upcoming project ideas include:

  • various events centered around spreading awareness and helping those affected by a neurological disorder such as Alzheimer's, autism, and epilepsy

  • research based projects on specific diseases such as Covid-19

  • going out into the real world.

We hope to inspire our generation to take action regardless how big or small because it does make a difference.

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